Foreclosure  SERVICES

You're in foreclose. Do you hire an attorney? Do you file bankruptcy? And what is a deed-in-lieu anyway?  With our comprehensive model, you don't have to listen to ten different sales pitches on what your best option is.       


Real Estate Litigation

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When it comes to contracts, the intent of the parties that often determines if a contract was ever legally made.  Copy-and-paste contracts used by many people in real estate deals do a poor job of detailing a person's desired intent.  And when misunderstandings happen, we have the talent and ability to smooth troubled waters.  Let us navigate your contract issues.

Family LAW Services

Children come first in matters of divorce, custody and child support. Florida's Family Law legislation codifies this very important concept. Learn how Florida's "best interests of the child" standard affects your specific matter.


Real Estate Counsel

We offer a comprehensive, full service investment practice to identify, acquire and quickly profit from investment real estate.  And we can make it happen without you needing a six-figure cash flow or taking on huge debt.  Contact us today to learn about our innovative foreclosure auction investment strategies.

Immigration SERVICES

When other firms turn clients away, DSA is there to assist by developing winning case strategies.  We are able to litigate complex federal cases by utilizing innovative thinking.  Come see why we are so very different to other immigration practitioners.

Real Estate Sales

Most real estate deals fall apart during the negotiation phase.  Poor contract preparation and poor negotiations can kill deals before they even start. Come see why having a realtor with the knowledge of an attorney is the new way to sell real estate.


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