When a foreclosure case is filed against you, your mailbox get filled with advertisement letters from lawyers, realtors, loan modification specialists, and even the bank that is suing you.  And all of them are trying to convince you that their service is the best option for you.

But what is your best option?  Do you hire a lawyer to fight in foreclosure court or file bankruptcy?  Or hire someone to try for a loan modification?  Or hire a realtor to sell the house?  Or do you just walk away?  And are you really choosing the best option to your legal issue or just being convinced by the best salesperson?  

These are all valid questions.  And how many appointments will you have to sit through to get the best and most objective answer?

This is why we developed our Comprehensive Foreclosure Defense strategy.  Imagine being able to have one meeting where the lawyers, loan modification specialists and realtors are all at one table, all working together to come up with the best solution (or solutions) for your unique situation.  No one-sided sales pitch.  No scare tactics.  We sit with you and gather a complete snapshot of your mortgage debt situation, the status of your lawsuit, and what the real estate market is saying about your specific property.

At DSA, our team is comprised of attorneys who not only practice in Foreclosure Defense, but are also licensed to practice in Federal Court, and Federal Bankruptcy Court.  We also have extensive experience in negotiating Loan Modifications and other settlements directly with lenders.  And, even more impressively, each of our attorneys are licensed Florida real estate agents.  Not the assistant and not a third party service; the actual attorney handling your case.

This means that when we sit with you to evaluate your case, you can be sure that you are getting a truly objective, 360 degree view of your case and not just a one-sided sales pitch to get your business.

We strive to provide you the best set of options to save your home and protect your financial future. 

Contact us to discuss our comprehensive services, which include: