What Is A Treaty Trader Visa?

A treaty trader visa can enable a foreign national to immigrate to Florida for the purpose of starting, developing and directing import/export trade between the treaty country and the United States. A trader can apply for treaty trader visa using immigration lawyers in Florida, who would have knowledge of the application process and requirements, as well as advise you of necessary or applicable Florida legal services needed.

Benefits of A Treaty Trader Visa

You can derive several benefits when using a treaty trader visa, including:

1. Ownership
A treaty trader visa ensures that the holder owns the import and export business in the United States. The ownership can be in the form of individual ownership, majority corporate shareholder or as a major partner.

2. Duration
After the visa is offered, it may remain active for a substantial time if the treaty trader’s visa holder continues with active trade in the United States. Extension is done through the Immigration and Naturalization service of the US State Department.

3. Quick processing
Because a trader treaty visa is considered a non-immigrant visa, it has required that you satisfy certain quota waiting periods. The number of the visas that are awarded depends on the set quota for a particular year or duration. Depending on your country of origin and other immigration matters, you may have to wait before your application can be approved. Your immigration attorney in Florida can assist you with the application process and provide you guidance on the waiting periods. By working with a reputable immigration lawyer in Florida, mistakes in the application process can be avoided.

4. Allows You to Be Employed in The U.S. 
The trader treaty visa grants the principal trader the power to be actively employed in the United States. However, the holder must satisfy certain requirements such as draw salary, benefits or dividends; which are similar to what workers in the United States receive.

Under recent amendments, the spouse of the main trader may also be allowed to work in the United States and receive gainful remuneration. This type of visa may also allow the principal visa holder to import key managerial staff from their countries of origin if they have the expertise to run the import/export business effectively. The number of employees that the holder may be allowed to bring depends on the size and complexity of the business that the holder is running. However, these employees should be vetted and granted permission, all of which a Florida immigration attorney should be able to assist you.

5. Allows You to Attend School
The principal treaty traders and their dependents may be able to attend schools and colleges in America. This applies to attendance of all sorts of educational establishments, from basic elementary education to university education.

6. You can own property
Treaty visa holders have the freedom to buy residential and commercial real estate properties while they remain in the United States. However, if their visa status terminates (whether by choice or required), they may not be allowed to sell these properties. A Florida immigration attorney can advise you on what you should do to keep the visa valid longer should you need to sell. 

Requirements for Treaty Trader Visas
To be eligible for a treaty trader visas, here are some specific requirements that you should meet:

• You must be a citizen and national of a treaty country.

• You must demonstrate that you can achieve set trade volumes in your import/export business.

• You must provide evidence that you have enough finances to run the import/export business.

• The trader must prove that he or she has enough business acumen.

• You must agree that you will depart the United States if your treaty visa is terminated.

Why Get Help From a Florida Immigration Attorney When Applying For Your Treaty Trader Visa?

Applying for treaty trader visa can be complex and time consuming. Documentation and regulations can be very complex, therefore making it essential that they been handled by experienced immigration lawyers in Florida. There are some finer details and a wide range of legal issues that should be taken into consideration. If any of the requirements are not met in the application, the issuance of the visa could be denied.

By working with an immigration lawyer, you can reduce the likelihood of mistakes and improve the chances of your application being accepted. An immigration lawyer can advise you on the requirements and the process of the treaty trader visa or guide you through the immigration process that may be more suitable to your circumstances.

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Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer. For specific technical or legal advice on the information provided and related topics, please contact an attorney.

by N. Apfelbaum