DSA Secures Another Permanent Loan Modification for Deserving Client

DSA Attorneys helped another client save their home by securing a permanent loan modification. Working with a client that has been in foreclosure since 2012, the team at DSA has secured a permanent settlement which has allowed the client to stay in their home, and dismiss the four year foreclosure lawsuit.  DSA Attorney Stefan McHardy led the DSA team handling the case. 

DSA Obtains Permanent Loan Modification with Deferred Principal

DSA Legal Group has achieved an excellent result for a client.

After receiving two prior loan modifications that were too expensive to afford, our clients, an elderly couple, hired us to secure a more affordable payment and an uphill battle to secure a third approved loan modification.

We were able to secure an agreement which dropped the monthly payment dramatically, allowing the couple to be able to afford their mortgage payment for the first time in a very long time.  DSA Attorney Stefan McHardy led the foreclosure defense team.

Abused Spouse Earns Permanent Residency Through Violence Against Women Act

A truly heart-breaking set of facts: A young woman traveled to the US on a work-visa for seasonal employment at a popular resort hotel.  She meets her prince charming while working at the resort and the two married some time later.  Soon, prince charming turns into a physically and emotionally abusive husband.  She is also sexually assaulted by her Husband on numerous occasions.  The young woman tries to seek help but is afraid to go to police because her husband threatens to have her deported if she goes to the police.  We filed a petition on her behalf, detailing the abuse and cooperation with law enforcement.  Under the Violence Against Women Act, we were able to get our client Permanent Residency and away from her abusive

Bankruptcy Stops Foreclosure, Seals Permanent Modification

Client spent 3 years with a "popular" foreclosure defense firm they heard about on a radio commercial. Client spent three years with the firm fighting the foreclosure and trying to get a loan modification with no success.  Just days before their home was set to be sold at public auction, they contact us based on a referral from another of our clients. We filed an emergency bankruptcy petition, stopped the sale, and began negotiating a loan modification with the lender.  We were able to get the bankruptcy confirmed, putting the client on a path to debt relief.  And more importantly, we were able to secure a permanent loan modification. All in less than one year.

Motion to Dismiss Case Granted inForeclosure

Miami, FL - In a case to foreclose on a family's home in Miami-Dade County, we filed a Motion to Dismiss the complaint and the foreclosure case against our clients, citing that the foreclosing bank did not comply with foreclosure laws and violated the several terms within the mortgage.  The judge in the case granted our Motion and ordered that the foreclosure case be dismissed against our clients, taking their home out of foreclosure.

DSA Helps Frustrated Homeowner Get 30% Principle Reduction

Our client had been trying to work with her lender on her own to try to secure a loan modification on her upside-down mortgage, without much success.  

After being fed up with all the hoops she was being asked to jump through, she was referred to us by a former client.  We contacted her lender and in the end were able to secure a permanent loan modification that included a 30% principal reduction, reducing her monthly payment and eliminating negative equity in the property.