Real Estate Transactions

DSA Legal Group assists homeowners and investors of all sizes when they seek to acquire, improve, or change the disposition of existing property. With considerable experience in business law, title and lien issues, foreclosure defense and extensive knowledge of the closing process, we are well equipped to deliver our clients results. Learn More


Family Law

We are always looking towards the future in family law.  We apply this forward-thinking perspective to your case.  We truly listen to you to determine your needs and objectives.  Drawing from our insight and experience, we consider your immediate goals and anticipate factors that might arise in your life many years from now. We develop a strategy designed to put you in the best position possible today and in the future.  Learn More


Comprehensive Foreclosure Services

When a foreclosure case is filed against you, what is your best option? Fight it?  Sell the house? File bankruptcy? Walk away?  Imagine being able to have one meeting where the lawyers, loan modification specialists and realtors are all at one table, all working together to come up with the best solution (or solutions) for your unique situation.  That's Comprehensive Foreclosure Service.  Learn More




Handling immigration cases requires a special touch.  We have the knowledge to handle any family based petition, marriage based adjustment of status, and the necessary waivers to overcome the legal issues which may arise during the application process.  

We work with families to navigate each step of the process, including issues with meeting the financial obligations of an Affidavit of Support, possible Stokes interviews where Immigration may challenge the legitimacy of a marriage, and the special treatment of individuals who have been married for less than two years (Conditional Residence). Learn More